H & S dept, Has the most experienced and well qualified faculty. Faculty members are associated with the college since many years. We have the well furnished and well equipped physics lab, chemistry lab & English lab to later the needs of the syllabus of JNTUH. All the labs are updated according to the changes in syllabus from time to time. H & S dept, has the record highest pass percentage in Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, English.

ENGLISH LABS FOR B.Tech & Diploma courses

English is an integral part of the Engineering curriculum. It serves as a bridge between the students’ years of formal study before joining Engineering and the professional life during and after Engineering that requires them to use English on a daily basis.
Many students, particularly those from vernacular medium, find that they are not preferred for the jobs due to their inadequacy of communication skills and soft skills, despite possessing sound subject knowledge and technical expertise.
The faculty of English is highly skilled at motivating and inspiring language students. Using tried and tested syllabus, our faculty help students to achieve their potential during the course.


To improve the student’s fluency and accuracy in English as much as possible during the period of instruction
To develop the student’s ability to hone their existing skills by using effective communication strategies throughout the instruction
To provide an orientation to reach the expectation of the university, the college and the faculty both inside and outside of the classroom
To prepare students to become more confident and active participants in all aspects of their undergraduate programs
Keeping in their pre-employment needs and career requirements, the BSITcollege has established the state-of-the-art Digital Multimedia English Language Labs replacing the conventional labs.The Department is equipped with excellent learning facilities including a well-resourced computer aided multimedia language laboratory. In the language laboratory, the students are not only given training in conversational English It also includes training and practice in the presentation of prepared academic talks. The focus is not only on fluency but also on clear as well as effective communication. It also helps students to participate actively and effectively in group meetings, academic discussions, seminars, conferences etc.

CALL: The Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) lab has the capacity of 30 workstations apart from one Instructor workstation. This software based language lab aims to familiarize the learners to the nuances of English speech like sounds, word accent, sentence accent, rhythm and intonation and to neutralize the influence of the regional accent and to bring about a consistent accent an intelligibility in their English.

ICS: The Interactive Communication Skills (ICS) lab is located in a spacious room with good acoustics and well equipped with the latest technological aids viz., T.V. with large screen, VCD,LCD,OHP etc., that facilitates the students develop their soft skills and presentation skills, build up confidence and enhance their performance at Placement Interviews, Group Discussions and other recruitment’s.